Ad-Aware 2007 / 2008 / AE Definitions File 0149.0041 - 2.09.2009

Nazwa pliku: core.zip
Producent: Lavasoft
Dodano: 03.09.2009
Licencja: freeware
Pobrano: 42

Definicje wirusw dla programu Ad-Aware 2007 / 2008.


Komentarze uytkownikw: 4

Ioil1aWM - 18:03 21.11.2015

Richard,Thanks for the kind words. I've finally coueinntd the series with the second installment: . If your readers enjoyed the first installment, hopefully they will the second. I hope the lead time will be less between the subsequent entries.Mike

KEB6wHoSZCv - 08:31 22.11.2015

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7OxB2j4VGN6 - 19:00 23.11.2015

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54AZB4JCw - 12:26 27.11.2015

Great tool and I like your suggestion to use it to edutcae users. I have done this several times and initially used it when a client disputed a bill for removing viruses from the same computer twice in 3 days. I had dumped the history and showed it to him. He paid the bill. http://utztzr.com [url=http://pavediumdsk.com]pavediumdsk[/url] [link=http://zcyedfwvo.com]zcyedfwvo[/link]

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