Xtreamer Firmware 1.0.2

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Producent: Xtreme WD
Dodano: 11.08.2009
Licencja: freeware
Pobrano: 40
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Improved 11n wireless connection and speed
performance.Deleted MISC->TV system menu and added auto setting
(TVOUT integrated).Added setup item index.Added Vietnam language
menu.Added file extensions (m2t, m2p, m1v, m2v, rmp4, ram, ogm, mp1,
mp2, flc, fla, ac3, dts, pcm).Displayed selected items on file
manager.Modified Zoom function expansion (Video only).Improved
setup->AV->digital out displays.Auto hide GOTO windows after
applied.Subtitle letter size and position are auto saved.Added Prev,
Next, chapter function for DVD file.Displayed EXIF date in picture
info.Modified to print out actual file size while displaying picture
file.Displayed the speed on screen if jukebox plays as variable
speed.Enhanced internet connection and speed, and added waiting
images.Improved RSS news UI.Improved YouTube UI.Modified DDNS URL to
myxtreamer.net from xtreamer.netLinked file name for UPNP Media Server
web page.Modified the screensaver applying Main menu, setup, and file
manager.Removed Preview Menu in Setup -> PlaybackPreview mode can be
applied separately to All/Music/Photo/Movies Menus. It will auto save
this configuration.Movie preview will start from any random position
(m2ts, ts file are not applied).Unified to one digital output setup
from each HDMI and SPIDF in SETUP->AVXtreamer web server Setup menu
UI modified (Tabs in double line).Modified “Text Encoding” to
SUB-T/ID3TAG in SETUP->systemModified UI of remote control “func”
key in My_ShortcutsDuring movie playback change in Zoom and position
value will be auto stored for each TV OUT (resolutions).Added x1.1,
x1.2 during Movie/Music fast forward playback.Hide “RECYCLE”, “System
volume Information”, “lost+found” folder on external HDD. New Features:
Added Xtreamer news at Internet service.(release note, tip, news)Added
user server address at UPNP setup to use internet service
(RSS).Supported MKV external subtitles.Internet menu redecorated and
lots of new channels added. (New Added ‘2009-08-07’)NFS Client: Added
NFS client option in web setup menu. Now user can add/delete his/her
NFS server directories to Xtreamer using web interface.Added HDMI Audio
on/off option in SETUP->AV Bug Fixed : Fixed
12~13ch connection errors for 11n wireless.Fixed progressive status bar
displaying before preview start playing at video preview mode.Fixed
system down error when attempt playing Next or Prev file while info
signal is on.Fixed warning message: "can not upload 0 bytes files"
while uploading more than 2GB file.Fixed Arabic (added missing letters,
and ANSI subtitle support) and Thai language display bugs.Fixed can’t
playback mpeg, ts, dat, wmv extension from samba(cifs) with http server
running on NAS device or PC.